Sometimes the bouquet just says it all!

Rebecca and Jordan win the award for the furthest distance traveled for a wedding (in our books anyway). This couple flew in from New Zealand for their nuptials at Riverbend Inn last July. Neadless to say most of the wedding florals were planned in a power meeting and many many emails. Rebecca was very particular about one thing, the perfect shade of green. She loved green viburnum (which is available early spring) so we used green garden roses, clematis, young annabelle hydrangea and import hydrangea to acheive the perfect shade.



The pops of purple were found in the ceremony arrangements in the way of carnations and trachelium. These tall overflowing ceremony flowers were the perfect compliment to Riverbend Inn’s gazebo.


We lined the aisle with rose petals and hanging mason jars filled with hydrangea and carnations.


I love when I can see my flowers come to life, most of the time I am rushing around delivering but this day I enjoyed watching the ceremony from afar. It’s hard to believe from the pictures but we actually had to wait on setting up the ceremony due to a very threatening passing storm. It quickly cleared and just as quickly we set up the ceremony site.

hydrangea_carnation_aisle_marker     clematis_boutonniere


Our aisle markers and the grooms boutonniere with heuchera foliage and clematis.


The centerpieces were a low refreshing hit of green hydrangea which just popped against the dark purple foliage.

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