Sometimes I just need to create, just for myself.  No models, major set-ups, contracts….just for me.  I wanted to try out a few new styles, have fun with flowers and have it captured perfectly.  I think my friend Daniel Ricci Wedding Photography helped me out with that.  He let the flowers sing in his images, which is all I can ask for.


Our first look was inspired by my latest obsession: Marsala.  (another fancy word for a shade of burgundy).  Use it with gold, peach, blush, purple…anything and it is stunning.  I wanted to include this fabulous new acrylic table from Gala Decor.  You can layer any type of flower or foliage with in the table.  I stuck with succulents and foliage that could hold up all day long.  I layered in my favorite wooden log elements with hints of gold sparkle in the containers.