I have known Amy since she was barely able to walk.  We grew up together, our houses side by side.  Naturally I HAD to create Amy’s wedding flowers and they had to be perfect.

Amy had a big fancy hall wedding planned and was sweating out the details when she just said forget it.  This couple is as relaxed and country as it gets, so somehow this big hall wedding just wasn’t going to work.  There needed to be more atv’s, cowboy boots, paper plates and bbq…..so that is what happened.  The most perfect and personal wedding was created because a couple followed their hearts, right into their back yard.

We kept everything very loose and natural in feel in the bouquets. (p.s. this bouquet is seriously one of my favs).  The tables were decorated with a simple gathering of mason jars and pastel blooms.

Samantha from Darling Mine Photography did an epic job capturing this country wedding.

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