Lush is a wedding and event company that was formed from a love for botanicals and is inspired by the undulating textures and vibrancy in nature, art and life.

Our plant passion has grown through the years from the beginning as a caretaker of cultivated gardens and as a landscape designer. Eventually, we discovered that nature’s bold colour combinations, textural variations, subtle softness and instinctual patterns that spoke to us in our own gardens were moving us into floral design.

The once ornamental Lush studio gardens have become resourceful and bountiful cutting gardens, allowing naturally grown beauty and attentive care to be incorporated into every event we do.

We simply adore wedding and event florals, it is all we focus on.  It makes us speak quickly (usually with elaborate hand gestures), work passionately and dance (It does make for a better bouquet)!

Our approach typically marries romantic and delicate with undulating textures, in garden inspired designs.


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Darling Mine Photography

Melanie Ripa – Designer, Owner

Photo: Darling Mine Photography